Dormition of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church
Divine Liturgy: Sundays & Feast Days, 9:00 am
Vespers: Saturdays, 6:00 pm

Baptism Chrismation and Confirmation

Parents who seek to have their child baptized must contact Fr. Ilya two months prior to the event in order to determine proper scheduling and selection of Godparents. 

Adults seeking Baptism, Chrismation and/or Confirmation into the Orthodox Faith must contact Fr. Ilya to determine the course of study and preparation for this sacrament.


The most important part of the Confession takes place well before you ever arrive at Church. The Mystery of Confession is only as strong as the preparation you do in advance. We prepare for Confession by having regular time of self examination and repentance

We usually think of repentance as a part of the Confession process. However, the opposite is true. Repentance is not part of Confession; Confession is part of repentance. Confession needs to take place regularly. However, repentance needs to take place daily. The goal is that repentance is not an activity, but rather a lifestyle. This happens by making time for regular Daily Self Examination. Your Confession will only be as strong as your investment in this practice of Daily Self Examination.

The confessional is the wooden door on the extreme left as you face the altar. Confession times are posted in the bulletin and by appointment.


Communion is offered during Divine Liturgy and Pre sanctified Services.  In order to receive communion in an Orthodox Church, one must be of the Orthodox Faith and be properly prepared. Communicants will line up quietly with arms folded across the chest, right over left. When asked for your name, state your baptismal name. Tilt head back and open mouth, do not allow your tongue or lips to touch spoon. 

 Holy Matrimony